The famously uneventful and unmemorable day of the 5th of November has remained empty on our calendars for a long time, and it’s about time that something filled that void.

Luckily, ginger people exist and they need a day to be celebrated. The aforementioned empty calendar day was free so they took that.

Say hello to 5th November’s National Ginger Day.

If you’re not sure how much impact his day has on your redhead friends, just look at this…

As you can see, my ginger “friend” was delighted.

But how can you celebrate this most prestigious day with them? Luckily the good people at BanterKing have you covered in that regard, and have plenty of redhead themed mugs and cards available.

The great thing is that they’re actually applicable to any event, but National Redhead Day happens to be on the way…

  1. The classic ‘I’ve got 99 problems but my ginger face ain’t one’

Just in case you need to remind your friends that gingerness is an asset… Get yours here for £10.50 (+Free Delivery)

2. This hilarious play on words ‘Ginger Mug’

Clever. On the nose. Get yours here for £10.50 (+Free Delivery)

3. The old joke about gingers ‘I don’t have a soul’

Nip it in the bud with this lovely mug. Get yours here for £10.50 (+Free Delivery)

4. This is for nicer people out there ‘World’s best ginger’

Let them know that they’re the best and most important redhead, not only in your life, but in everyone’s. Get yours here for £10.50 (+Free Delivery)

5. This CARD, which lists the two greatest gingers in the world ‘YOU MUST BE A WEASLEY OR…’

Weasley or Sheeran? Get this one here for £3.50 (+Free Delivery)

6. Another product with the the greatest ginger in history ‘No, I’m not a Weasley’

More permanent than the card, equally as useful. Get yours here for £10.50 (+Free Delivery)

7. A card ‘To My Token Ginger’

Everyone needs one. Get yours here for £3.50 (+Free Delivery)

8. And this sincere card with a sweet message inside ‘You don’t have a soul…’

Firm but fair and ultimately beautiful. Get yours here for £3.50 (+Free Delivery)

All of the mugs will set you back £10.50 whilst the cards are a modest £3.50. BUT they are all Free Delivery inside the UK which is pretty sweet!

There are some more explicit ones available direct on, but for various reasons, we can’t show you them here on The Hook.

Images via Banterking, Getty