For reasons unknown to absolutely anyone – except for the fact that it’s included in the books and films quite a lot – Christmas is synonymous with Harry Potter.

The two go together like the opposite of chalk and cheese (I Googled it and apparently that’s ‘Buttermilk and no cheese’ – genuinely shocked that was the best the internet could come up with).

So it comes as no surprise that this December, a Christmas festival will entwine the magical world of Harry Potter within its festivities.

The event will take place in Edinburgh, during the famed Corn Exchange on the 1st of December, noon, and it looks fantastic.

Only this October, a Harry Potter themed club night went down a storm, making a Harry Potter Christmas “tea party” of sorts, a totally viable event.

While there, kids and adults alike will be able to relive the magic of the franchise with food and a party all centred around out favourite Surrey-based wizard.

The event costs £19 to attend and you can get your ticket on the Itison webiste. Once in, guests will be able liaise with familiar faces from the books and films, have their pictures taken at a the magical train platform, and be sorted into one of Griffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to have wizarding duels, learn spells and even have a go at Wizard Chess.

There will also be plenty of food and drink to choose from, including edible wands, chocolate frogs, every flavour beans and butter beer.

Though he was asked, Mr Daniel Radcliffe is unable to attend, so Luke Williams – the world’s best Harry Potter impersonator – will be there instead… who’s to know?

Just so there’s an extra competitive element, there will also be a costume competition – so get your best school costume going, I guess?

This should be fun, eh?

Images via Warner Bros.