I was very young when Sabrina the Teenage Witch felt like pretty much the only thing that my good-for-nothing sister watched after school, and my memories of it are pretty patchy. I remember the talking cat and it all seeming very lighthearted and jolly considering there was a teenage witch knocking around. 

Netflix have decided to put their spin on the show, and the first trailer drop the other week prepared us for something very different, and potentially quite dark. Yesterday they dropped a second trailer for Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and to be honest it looks like they are onto a winner.

It seems that Sabrina has big decisions to make on her 16th birthday, is she going to be part of the human world with her pals, or the witch world with her family?

I don’t know who these woman are, but I’m not getting good vibes from them. Sabrina needs to be careful about the friends she chooses in my opinion.

We also get a little glimpse of Salem the cat and he looks displeased about something. I do hope he’ll be talking in this, there’s not enough talking cats out there.

All in all it looks like it will be worth the binge when it is released later this month, October 26 to be precise.