I can’t be the only one suffering from the January blues.

I was always sceptical but this year I’m really feeling it. It’s cold and dark outside, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to wake up and life just seems pretty darn miserable.

I need a pick me up, something to look forward to, a light at the end of the tunnel if you will.

Airbnb might just have me covered.

They’ve teamed up with Wonder Grottole to offer four lucky travellers the opportunity to volunteer in a quaint village in Italy which sits on a hilltop in southern Italy, about 220km east of Naples.

Absolute bliss.

The four people who get the gig would be working as “Experience and Home Guests” for Airbnb, hosting visitors to the tiny village. They will be trained to become temporary citizens of Grottole, hosting visitors from around the world.

Essentially you’re a volunteer, but hey, you get to breath new life in to the community, as well as learn the language, do a bit of cooking, help run the local vegetable garden and generally eat all the carbs you can get your hands on.

“Italy is an extraordinary country with a strong and vibrant rural community, countless hilltop villages and a passionate and welcoming culture,” Airbnb co-founder and chief product officer Joe Gebbia said.

“We want to help preserve these communities so they continue for generations to come. By inspiring and supporting others to get involved and make real contributions to village life, we hope it shines a light on the beauty of rural Italy.”

Apparently, they’re doing this because Grottole, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is at risk of disappearing, according to the companies. The population is shrinking and the city contains more than 600 empty homes.

“Coming to Grottole from a big city, people will find an ancient village, full of woods and pastures. We encourage them to leave everything behind and connect with our way of living. They will experience a new dimension,” said villager Rocco, who has lived in Grottole for 30 years.

Here’s how to apply

1. Candidates must be over 18

2. Available to move to Grottole for three months from June to August 2019 to volunteer for the NGO Wonder Grottole.

3. Be able to speak good conversational English and open to learning Italian during the trip.

4. Applicants will also need to demonstrate their commitment to contribute to village life.

To apply, visit www.italiansabbatical.com and complete the application form.

What are you waiting for?!

I’ll be seeing you there..

Images via Airbnb