Look, I don’t know about you, but the John Lewis Christmas advert was a huge disappointment for me.

In general, I’m not one of these people who gets the hype around adverts – even though I perpetuate it with these articles – but the way that John Lewis conduct themselves before the release of theirs really does set you up for a fall.

It’s like a friend telling you that they’re going to take you to a great restaurant in a few weeks and you end up going to a Pizza Express. Good food at a reasonable price, but it’s hardly going to be a night to remember.

Anyway, Aldi have decided to weigh in on the glorified Elton John music video that John Lewis have thrown at us by putting a wig on a carrot and sitting it at a piano.

A lot like this picture I made…

It’s surprisingly hard to get a picture of a piano from the other side. I guess that’s the less interesting part of it. Maybe just watch the advert…

Rather ingeniously, the Carrot is called Veg Dwight – not because he looks like Dwight from the American Office – but because Elton John’s real name is Reg Dwight.

Previously Aldi had made headlines when they parodied Coca-Cola’s Christmas lorry advert with another sentient carrot…

It must be quite easy to work in their marketing department.

Whatever works for them, I guess.

Images via Getty, John Lewis, ALDI