Over the last few years, there’s been a real surge in advent calendars that contain things other than chocolate. When I was a kiddo, my mum would treat my brother and me to Playmobil advent calendar that made a fun diorama when you opened all of the doors.

I genuinely thought I was breaking the mould with this calendar. Every other loser was just getting a glorified chocolate button every day, while I was raking in the toys like a real Christmas winner. All was well.

Eventually I grew out of that phase and had to move back to chocolate. It was a shame, sure, but that’s just one of the curve balls life throws as you.

Years pass, technology progresses and all of a sudden every one and their dogs has a calendar full of gin, wine, beer, and cosmetics. The world has changed immeasurably, and it all started with people shedding out hundreds of pounds for the luxury of a scaled down version of something they may or may not like a day.

The problem with these calendars is, as stated before, you might not even like the majority of the little presents you get. Every door’s a gamble and while that’s more or less fine, these calendars do not come cheap.

Until now, that is.

The people’s favourite purveyor of… everything, Aldi, has decided to release an advent calendar chock full of products from it’s luxury beauty range. It looks pretty great, actually…

From the 24-gift calendar, you can expect five candles, seven fragrances, hand and body washes, body creams, and hand and body lotions, all scented with the likes of pomegranate, amber and ginger, blackberry and bay, velvety rose, and lime, basil, and mandarin.

Yum. Well not yum… what’s the smell version of yum? Like “I really want to small that”? There’s no way of not sounded like an idiot when you ask that…

Anyway, the calendar will set you back £49.99 which is a lot for a calendar, but not a lot for one that’s full of goodies, especially when you consider the price of some of the alternatives on the market.

You can already pre-order yours for a 4th November shipping date buy clicking riiiiigghhhtttt… here!

Until then, the big supermarkets have started rolling out their festive meal deals. You want to get on that…

Images via Aldi, Getty