Viewers were confused this morning after Alistair Campbell accidentally said the Queen had died on Good Morning Britain.

Rest assured, the Queen is not dead.

But Alistair Campbell, 63, made a grave mistake on live television when he spoke of the death of The Queen.

Alistair Campbell has been sat in Piers Morgan’s old seat on GMB this week.  Morgan left the show after a heated row regarding his comments about Meghan Markle.

This week, Campbell has been sat next to Susanna Reid on the show, discussing mental health.

That’s because it is mental health awareness week. Campbell has spoken candidly about his experience with depression and how he deals with it.

However, it hasn’t been an easy ride for Campbell on the show.

Today he made the blunder of all blunders.

The Accident

Vinnie Jones appeared on the show to discuss his new book Lost Without You. Jones was  discussing the death of his wife Tanya when Campbell made the mistake.

Campbell said: “We talked a lot about Prince Philip, you know obviously after the death of the Queen and one of the phrases that kept being used was something she said after September 11 – that statement that we had to take to New York.”

“Grief is the prize we have to pay for love.”

“And that’s kind of what comes out of your book.”

Uh oh.

Presumably receiving a talking to through his ear piece, Campbell then followed up to correct himself. Interrupting Vinnie Jones’ interview, he said:

“Can I just say something, I think I may have accidentally announced the death of the Queen,”

“I meant Prince Philip of course.”


Susanna supported Campbell saying, “I think people understood exactly what you meant,”

Piers v Campbell

The accidental-Queen’s-death-announcement-aside, Campbell has also been engaging with former GMB host Piers Morgan on Twitter.

Yesterday, Morgan questioned celebrities who take the spotlight online to talk about mental health campaigns:

“I’m curious to know just how much money famous ‘mental health campaigners’ are making from constantly preaching about it & exploiting their myriad ‘problems’ – and what percentage of that money they give to mental health charities.”

“Celebrity victimhood is a lucrative business.”

Campbell took issue with Morgan’s tweet, thinking it was about him. He wrote:

“If you mean me @piersmorgan – @schooltruth and I have a charity account which takes a share of my earnings, which go to causes we believe in, mainly mental health and education for poorer children.

“I do paid speaking gigs and often ask for fees to be paid to charity.”

Piers however denied that the tweet was about Campbell. Morgan hit back saying: “No, I was talking about celebrities..”

Realising that the Tweet was not about him, Campbell defeatedly replied“Ah ok!”


Image via GMB