The Harry Potter franchise – or as it’s now called, The Wizarding World, because every film studio needs a dangerous amount of cinematic universes – always seemed like it was dangerously untapped into when it came to video games.

With every film release, we got a same-titled multi-platform video game, one bare-bones Quidditch game that came out in the early noughties and a few Lego additions.

EA could have made a brilliant Quidditch game akin to FIFA if they wanted to, and if the games studios behind the film-games actually tried to make their products good, rather than cash grabs, we might have something decent to speak of.

But they never did, and even though Harry Potter is the perfect canvas to build an open world RPG upon, we never got one… until now… maybe?

A Reddit user going by the name VapeThisBro posted about how they were a part of a focus group for a Harry Potter RPG game, and shared footage of the game.

So with that said, it may not be legitimate, but the footage does look pretty genuine so it absolutely has the capacity to be real. Have a look…

Immediately I want to play it nonstop for at least a week, and I more or less outgrew/got bored of the “Wizarding World” a few years ago, so here’s to hoping it is legit.

Many believe that the games studio behind the potential Harry Potter RPG is Rocksteady, who are responsible for the universally loved Batman: Arkham games. Conversely, some believe that Avalanche Studios are creating the game. They’re best known for making Disney Infinity, but have since been bought by Warner Bros. so that would make most sense.

VapeThisBro says that the game is set in the 19th Century, and follows a talented wizard who joins Hogwarts late. If they are to believed, you’ll be able to choose your own house and personalise your character.

I really, really want this.

The thing about leaks is that more often than you may think, they’re 100% on purpose, and serve to increase hype so the creators can ask for the green light or more funding from their studio. Just look at the Deadpool screen-test leak. That was obviously on purpose and it lead to a ridiculously lucrative franchise.

The likelihood is that if this game is real, VapeThisBro isn’t acting against the will of the people who used them for a focus group – they just want to get the product out there.

And so do I…

Images via YouTube