Straight away this story makes no sense to me.

I spent the entirety of my childhood watching almost exclusively American TV shows. Even as a child, I couldn’t bear how twee most English children’s shows were – things like NoddyCome Outside and Brum – and how they all seemed to be educational in some capacity.

I genuinely think that the only programmes I watched as a child that were meant for children and had English accents in them were My Parents are Aliens and Watch my Chops. Despite that, even when I was little, I’ve never even slightly had an American accent.

So why are American children of today so impressionable?

Blaming the global rise in popularity of Peppa Pig, American parents are revealing that their children are now speaking with “British” accents.

Genuinely baffling.

Especially since Peppa Pig is terrible. I’ve had to watch it in the past with my niece and nephew and while I can stomach some kids’ shows, that animal nonsense just makes me queasy.

How are they getting southern English accents?!

You really have to struggle to find any kids’ content with global appeal that showcase that particular accent. You have Peppa Pig and Harry Potter. I’m probably missing something but come on…

Images via Astley Baker Davies, Twitter