I’ve had the fortune of travelling across America (gap year w*nker and all that) and for all its faults, it’s still an incredible country.

There’s a stat out there that says 64% of Americans don’t own a passport, and while it’s a staggering fact to comprehend before you’ve been, once you have visited it’s not hard to see why.

They literally have everything they could ever want; skiing, go to Colorado, sun and beaches, go to California. Every state almost feels like a new country.

While it may seem like I’m sticking up for them, I absolutely cannot defend ignorance and basic geography skills.

I know Americans get a hard press as it is about being unintelligent, but videos like this next one don’t exactly help.

Chat show host Jimmy Kimmel had his crew take to the streets of Los Angeles to ask random Americans to point out a country on a map.

One country.

ANY country.

Here’s what happened:


Where do you start?? Asia and Africa, countries?? Seriously?!

One lady even goes as far as to say: “Who knows stuff like that?”


Here’s what people thought about it:

The United States has some of the best universities in the world, how are people this thick?

Lord only knows…

Images via Twitter/YouTube