New nightmare unlocked: a family has been left homeless after their house burned down.

If you’re not a fan of rodents, we suggest you look away now.

A house burned down after rodents chewed through wiring.

Rebekah Ward is a mum-of-three. She said there were so many mice in her home, people saw them “jumping from the roof” to flee the flames.

On Friday Ward received a call to tell her the living room was on fire at her home near Narrabri, New South Wales.

By the time she reached the house it was completely on fire, she told Channel Nine’s Today show.

She says “half the town” tried to put the fire out, but the mice had done so much damage t it couldn’t be saved.


She said: “I had the local police officer, [and] a few of the locals say, that mice were just jumping from the roof.

“Around the house and into the neighbor’s, there’s dead, burnt mice.

“I’m not sure how many mice were coming out, but yeah, apparently there was a fair few.”

Ward said she and her family had been suffering with the mice for a while now, and they are proving impossible to get rid of.

She said it was a “nightmare” as the furry rodents “crawl over the kids at night.

“They eat the food. We’ve had to put the food into a toolbox.

“They come through the lounge. They’ll bite you on the back. They are a nightmare.”


A GoFundMe has now been set up by a friend.

It says: “Yesterday I received the saddest phone call.

“My best friend Rebekah was in tears and [said] ‘My house is burning down to the ground’.

“Rebekah was driving back home from work – she’s a nurse in an aged care facility an hours drive from her house – when she called me.

“Luckily her three most prized possessions – her three boys – were on the way to footy training with their Dad – James, Bec’s husband.

“The boys’ toys, books, the whole families clothes, personal items, linen, toiletries, photos, non-replaceable heirlooms, furniture, memories, and the list goes on and on.

“The main thing – the five of them are alive and still here, but literally only have the clothes they have on their back left!”

It has already raised nearly $14,000 towards its $50,000 (£27,000) goal.


Ward says she’s struggling: “Give me next week and I will probably break.

“Hopefully we can get into a house and get the kids back to somewhat normality.

“I don’t know how they’re even coping because they have lost everything.

The infestation of mice has now reached Sydney, with reports of people being bitten in bed.

The mice have also invaded homes, schools and hospitals.


“People are putting the legs of their beds in buckets or pots of water.

“But the mice are still climbing curtains, jumping onto their beds and biting them,” Xavier Martin, a grain farmer from New South Wales, told The Telegraph.

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions said: “Grain growing areas suffer damage to crops and to stored grain; rural businesses suffer damage from mice chewing stock and electrical wires.”

Xavier Martin says:  “The state government’s assistance package is impractical, dysfunctional, and weeks away, which is not helping farmers who need support right now to drive mouse numbers down and break this horrible unrelenting cycle,” he said.



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