Only the other day, Chris Evans tweeted something not-so-cryptic, and more or less confirmed his imminent departure from the MCU. Since then, he has tried to amend his statement, saying that he was just emotional after finishing filming the culmination of 10 years of MCU films but I’m not buying it.

There’s a lot to think about in regards to Avengers 4, which just wrapped filming. We only have set photos and “leaks” to go by, and that’s before we consider the plot devices to be taken from Captain Marvel which comes out on the 8th of March next year.

To fuel speculation about events to come though, the Russo Brothers took to Twitter, to post “#Wrapped” along with a very inscrutable photo. Have a look…

I mean… not a clue.

Like most things in the MCU, it’s blue and glowing which might have something to do with an infinity stone but Thanos has them all at this point.

There’s speculation that it could have something to do with a second, bigger, badder villain who descends upon our cast of rogues. Galactus and Annihilus are both rumoured, and they could be looking to usurp Thanos as the most powerful being in the universe.

Further rumours even suggest that the name for the upcoming Avengers film is Avengers: Annihilation – which would feed into the Annihilus thing quite nicely.

Of course, the subtweets on the Russo Brothers’ photo are off the hook…

It does look worryingly like a coffin.

Let’s hope it doesn’t belong to anyone nice.

Images via Twitter, Disney