When I was in Primary School, my friend Callum invited me over to his house for a sleepover. We played the Area-51 PS2 game which scared the sh*t out of me, had a really nice sausage casserole that his mum made, and watched one of the Bad Boys films.

Honestly, I was like ten-years-old so most of the jokes went over my little head, but I remember Will Smith getting a blowjob from his therapist or something, whilst saying “wooosaahh”… it’s been a while so I could be way off.

I will say that I watched the scene where some kid comes to pick Martin Lawrence’s daughter up for a date the other day and it made me really sad. Genuinely felt awful for Reggie.

Anyway, the two-part film series became somewhat of a cult classic, and people all over the world wanted to see Martin Lawrence and Will Smith team up once more with Bad Boys 3.

Prayers were answered, and a sequel was announced back in 2015, but legal complications with film studios, negotiations and the like got in the way.

Things are looking on the up though, as reports indicate that filming for the film previously called Bad Boys For Life is set to start in 2019, with the film ultimately being released one year later, in 2020. Weird how 2020 isn’t that long away now…

There’s not much to go on for the plot, but as some have it, it will follow Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett, who is now a private eye. He and Smith’s Mike Lowery fell out some years back, and meanwhile, Lowery is dealing with being middle-aged and his new cocky, young partner.

However, the two will be forced to work together when an Albanian mercenary puts a price on their head for killing his bother.

Sounds like an action movie, to be perfectly honest. I can put a lot of money on the fact that there will be an armoured truck driving through something at some point and the surroundings inexplicably exploding.

That’s show business, baby!

Bad Boys 3 is expected to debut come Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 21st of January, 2020.

Images via Columbia Pictures