‘Black Mirror’, in my opinion, raised the bar with its interactive episode, Bandersnatch, which I watched with my parents over the Christmas period.

They’ve never seen an episode before so I don’t think they quite knew what to expect (nor did any of us really) but when the episode concluded their heads were pretty much splattered across my living room walls.

The film (of sorts) follows Stephan Butler (Fionn Whitehead) as he attempts to adapt a book into a video game, with us, the viewers, being given a load of options to choose from which will determine how the film plays out.

According to the people at Netflix there are officially five definitive endings, with reports suggesting there are over a ‘trillion’ story combinations available.

I can’t even get my head around the number but plenty of people tried to work it out with some clever (confusing) flow charts.

You might want to zoom in for it.

Despite the various reported endings, the film’s director recently revealed that there are even some endings viewers will never find – because neither can he.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Richard Slade said:

“There are scenes that some people just will never see and we had to make sure that we were OK with that.

“We actually shot a scene that we can’t access.”

Show creator Charlie Brooker went on to admit that even he doesn’t know how many endings there really are.

He said:

“I don’t know how many endings there actually are – I think I’ve forgotten.

“There were quite heated debates about what constitutes an ‘ending’. There’s a school of thought that says any time it stops and you go back, that’s an ending. In Bandersnatch, there are endings that are really abrupt that are still endings, in my mind.”

Furthermore, one of Brooker’s producing partners, Annabelle Jones, said:

 “In a world of parallel realities, maybe there is no ending?”

I think we’re going to have to face facts guys; we’re never getting a proper ending.

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