I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ was one of the highlights of my Christmas.

Sad, I know, but when you get older the festive period becomes pretty dull, especially when your parents constantly want to chat about where your life if going.

I needed a distraction, and Charlie Brooker’s film (of sorts) provided just that.

Netflix’s interactive episode (which apparently had over a trillion pathways – although just five endings according to some people) follows a young programmer as he tries to adapt an old book into a new video game.

Essentially he loses his marbles as you make every decision for him.

Since it first dropped, there’s been significant speculation as to whether they’ll be a follow-up, and according to several of the film’s stars, there’s definitely potential.

Speaking to JOEWill Poulter (programmer Colin Ritman who may or may not have jumped to his death during an LSD binge) said:

“I think actually, as much as Bandersnatch can appear to be on an infinite loop that you can try again and you can go back to the start, there are also pathways that feel relatively open-ended and endings that feel not totally tied off.

“That sounds interesting”.

Furthermore, Fionn Whitehead (poor old Stefan) added a potential new direction:

“Someone talked earlier about the idea of Pearl, Colin’s daughter, having a sort of sequel.”

“I think that could be interesting. I’d say it’s possible.”

This idea in particular could have legs; depending on the decisions you made, you may have got to the point where it cuts to present day with Colin’s daughter attempting to get her head around the game.

Like Stefan, she gets annoyed and smashes her computer.

This comes after Netflix revealed how to unlock a secret ending in the episode, writing:

‘Think you’ve seen everything there is to see in Bandersnatch? Try picking up the family photo, twice.’

Want to know what happens after that? Read on!

After you pick up the family photo on a second occasion you’ll be treated to a special cameo from Bandersnatch author Jerome F. Davies – who appears in Stefan’s dream and forces him to retread and pick up the book instead.

Perhaps it’s not as exciting as the others, but it may be one you missed out on.

I’m going to have to go back and do it all again.

Images via Netflix/Twitter