As a lowly writer trying to make ends meet in London I can honestly say that the meal deal – the Great British institution that it is – has kept me alive when times are hard.

I’ve become so dependent on them in fact, that I’ve become somewhat of an authority on all things meal deal related.

For example, a casual luncher who pops into Tesco on the odd chance may lick their lips at the £3 sandwich/drink/crisp or chocolate offering, but in their emotional and irrational state they will make the fatal error of plumping for a cheese and onion or tuna and sweetcorn butty instead of the infinitely more stacked turkey club or chicken triple.

The meal deal is about value for money – you’re LITERALLY getting more/an extra sandwich for the same price, it’s a no brainer.

Anyway, which of the high street meal deals is the best (Boots) has been the subject of intense debate throughout history, and while I’m not here to get into that, what I am here for is to tell you that there’s another player who’s arrived at the meal deal table – and he’s changing the game with outrageously low prices.

B&M, an infamously elusive shop best known for selling mop buckets, wallpaper, curtains and vacuum cleaners, has decided that it needs to exploit the gap in the bargain lunch market and has therefore undercut all its competitors to bring you their version of the meal deal for the measly figure of £1.75.

That’s right, a delicious sandwich, a bag of crisps and sugary drink can be all yours for 25p less than the value of a £2 coin.

While they’ll be no triple deckers (damn) or exotic smoothies, there’s still a vast array of flavours and tastes to satisfy your palette.

Highlights include: the ever-dependable Ham & Cheese, the polarising Tuna Mayo, the pungent Cheese & Onion Mayo, the reliable Chicken & Bacon Mayo and the mid-morning munchie buster, the All Day Breakfast.

When it comes to the versatile potato chip, Walkers and Quavers are your options with fizzy pop or water providing you with all the hydration you need.

But how does it compare I hear you ask.

Well I’ll tell you that right now.

The other behemoths of high street food, M&S and Morrison’s, have valued their holy trinity at £3.50 while Boots is charging £3.39 (£3.99 for us chumps in London).

Co-op is priced at £3.25 while Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Greggs value their meal deals at three whole English pounds.

A spokesperson for B&M, said:

“We’re always being asked if we do meal deals so this year we decided to create a deal that won’t break the bank.

“We only launched the meal deal earlier this month and it’s already proved to be a big success with our customers – they’re loving it!”

Evidently there isn’t quite the same choice at B&M’s as the others but at £1.75 you can afford to get TWO of them if you really want to fill your greedy guts.

And so I think my lunch is going to be spent taste-testing this new deal.

Freshness, value, quality and flavour will all be taken into consideration before delivering my final verdict.

Just need to find an actual B&M store now…

Images via B&M/GIPHY/Getty