I want to say that Kanye West is maybe– just maybe – the seventh wonder of the world.

He’s an inscrutable man and while he’s spent most of the last few years ruffling more feathers than Madonna looking through her wardrobe, he’s still annoyingly a musical genius.

Sometimes you wonder whether or not he’s fully conscious when he makes his decisions to do and say certain things in public, but he seems to have some kind of superpower where he never truly deals with any repercussions, with people forgetting within a week or two of his last controversy – sort of like the Paul brothers.

With everything in mind and probably noticing how his political stance was going down with the masses, Kanye recently tried to cover his tracks, saying that he was withdrawing from politics and claiming that he was essentially being used as a pawn by higher powers.

So now that he’s not tweeting about MAGA and the like, what kind of fresh takes did the rapper decide to share with us. After a lot of thought and deliberation, he graced us with his slice of genius…

That is prime 2008 Twitter, there.

He’s just one of the people, I guess.

But even something so innocuous as declaring your allegiance to a fast food restaurant won’t go unscathed by some. And who was there to put Yeezy in his place? That’s right; Burger King.

I mean, I’m not a big fan of huge brands trying to be good sports on Twitter or acting like they’re actually just one zany person, but that’s a perfect response.

Kanye really got flame-grilled.

That joke must have been used before but I’m claiming it. Actually, let me just type it again…

Kanye really got flame-grilled™©®

I don’t know how those signs work…

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