Creme Eggs really are an acquired taste.

That deliciously sweet fondue centre is the Marmite of the choccy world, but it just so happens that I absolutely love them.

Of course it also spawned that whole ‘How Do You Eat Yours’ advert, which depending on who you ask can vary dramatically.

(Bite off the top, lick the goo out, proceed to eat hollow chocolate egg.)

Anyway, a few years ago, Cadbury’s introduced the white Creme Egg, and guess what, it’s back, and now you could win win up to £10,000 if you find one!

There will be 783 white chocolate Creme Eggs hidden in normal wrappers (because last year most Creme Eggs were unwrapped by cash-hungry, egg hunters) and, according to The Sun, there’s also a Where’s Wally-esque challenge to find them hidden in adverts for other brands.

The hunt will begin on January 14th, and this year the prize money is up from £2,000 to £10,000.

Cadbury is also hiding pictures of Creme Eggs in adverts for other brands. If you take a picture of one and send it in, you could bag a cash prize of up to £10k too.

BUT WHERE CAN I GET ONE, I hear you all ask.


Asda will be hiding one egg worth £10,000, four worth £1,000, 11 worth £100 and 95 worth £50.

The Co-op has the exact same amount as Asda but they will release seven somewhere in the UK each week.

M&S has one egg worth £10,000, one worth £1,000, one worth £100 and 108 £50 – with seven also being released in mainland UK on a weekly basis.

Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco will be following Asda and the Co-op with one egg worth £10,000, four worth £1,000, 11 worth £100 and 95 worth £50.

So basically, even if you don’t win £10,000, every white chocolate Creme Egg hidden in shops and supermarkets will be worth some money!

Only a few dozen will be available to find each week but the hunt should be a bit easier this year as there were only 371 to be found in 2018.

If you find an egg then you must keep the wrapper to claim your prize.

Very important details.

What are you waiting for, people – get hunting!

Images via Cadbury