It’s been a long time since I last had a girlfriend.

At this point, my mother – who usually stays out of my social life (or lack thereof) – had started to ask me why it’s been so long.

I don’t have the answers for that, mum. (I do; I’m awful. She doesn’t need to know that).

With that though, even though she’s started to ask questions, she’d never push the envelope more that that. Not because she respects my boundaries, but rather she’d lose the respect of the public if they knew she was affiliated with me.

Anyway, she’s the complete opposite of this one woman in Maryland, USA, who has been singled out by campus police for approaching girls in a university, proposing that they date her son.

Essentially, the woman was spotted in the campus of Towson University last week, stopping girls and showing them pictures of her son on her mobile phone.

Whether or not the son in question actually goes to Towson is unknown, but campus police have been alerted and are now telling students to be vigilant.

Officials have stated that the woman isn’t in any legal trouble, but they do want to find out who she is so they can talk to her.

If her son knows, I can’t imagine the extent of the embarrassment he’s currently feeling.

The thing is, he couldn’t really be mad. She is trying, she’s just horribly misjudged the situation.

Images via Getty, Towson University