The MCU is weird in that it doesn’t so much cast actors in roles, but rather the real versions of their characters in their films.

Take Robert Downy Jr. for example; he’s not a guy playing Tony Stark – he is Tony Stark. I’m pretty sure Tom Holland is Spider-Man and of course, Chris Evans epitomises everything about Captain America and he knows it.

So does just about everyone else. You look at any of his tweets and the replies are constant “our captain”. It’s bizarre.

Anyway, Evans’ erudite and compassionate nature knows no bounds, especially when he decided to turn on Kanye West, dragging him with a perfectly balanced and cutting response to the rapper’s tweet.

Kanye (Ye?) (Yandhi??) has been dividing opinion of late, especially a few months ago when he sort of said slavery was a choice, and his appearance on SNL wasn’t much different.

Performing his new meme song with Lil’ Pump, dressed as a Perrier bottle and a Fiji Water bottle, Ye didn’t leave it there, and decided to make an impromptu speech about Donald Trump.

Said speech was met by some cheers and many boos, as you can see on Chris Rock’s Instagram story, later uploaded to Twitter…

Later on, Kanye tweeted this, saying how America is on the up, creating more jobs for it’s countrymen and whatnot…

And that’s when Captain America chimed in…

Firm but fair.

He really is passionate about people not talking sh*t about politics they hardly understand.

The comments were pretty favourable…

In a way I feel sorry for Chris Evans. He’ll tweet the most reasonable and intelligent thing ever, and his responses are just full of people calling him hot or Captain America gifs. The man just wants to be taken seriously.

There’s also a worrying amount of people who resort to Captain America for president. Is that just a thing in America now; who is the most reasonable celebrity they could have in office? There’s been stories about Oprah and Dwayne Johnson considering it.

I’m sure they’re lovely, smart people, but maybe leave running countries to people who are up to it.

Images via Twitter