Coco Austin says that she has no plans to stop breastfeeding her five-year-old daughter Chanel because she “still likes my boobs”.

In an interview with US Weekly, the 42-year-old said that breastfeeding is “a big bonding moment for a mother and your child.”

Austin, who is married to the rapper Ice-T, Chanel’s father, went on to say that her daughter enjoys chowing down on “steak and hamburgers”, but “likes a little snack every now and then.”

The former reality star went on to say that until her daughter stops coming back for more, she won’t stop offering it.

She continued: “Why take that away from her? … If she doesn’t want it, all right, that’s where you stop it. But I’m not just going to say no.”


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Back in March, Austin defended her and her daughter’s breastfeeding habits via Instagram after receiving a fair amount of backlash.

She wrote: “At a time when the world feels like it’s coming to an end.. suck up as much love as you can!

“I know the moms out there will appreciate this pic!” she gushed.

“I’ve been getting alot of props in the breastfeeding community and get tons of emails from woman/moms appreciating me bringing light to the subject [sic].


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“I write a baby blog about my journey with Chanel and soon I will write about what it’s like to continue boob time with a 4-year-old.

“I get tons and tons of requests that want me to speak on it!”

Austin continued: “Believe me, the girl loves meat so it’s not like she isn’t eating real food. Thank you to all that understand my view.

“I see most of you are so eager to side with me and I too root for you in your journey as well. Us moms are connected.”


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Also in the interview, which focused on the dos and don’ts of parenting, the 42-year-old admitted that she and her husband let Chanel choose when and where she goes to bed – which is usually her parent’s bedroom.

“We call it the family bed.

“We have Chanel and all four dogs,” she said.

Adding that her and Ice-T’s sex life has suffered as a result because they “can’t be really spontaneous anymore.”

She added: “We used to. We have certain days where we have a free bed for our alone time.”

Austin explained that their daughter is a night owl because it suits her parent’s schedule, with both of them often working at night.


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She said: “We’re more of night entertainment. People have to understand, we have different times.

“Sometimes, I work until two in the morning. When [Ice-T’s] on tour, he’s doing a show at 12 at night.

“So we transfer it a different way. Chanel gets up at 11 in the afternoon.”

Austin then said that while some things are likely to change, she’s positive her daughter will remain a horror movie buff.

She continued: “She knows when there’s something that she can’t see. And she, like, turns her head and closes her eyes. She’s really good with that.”


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