If you’re single and working, dating can be hard.

With most of your day spent focusing on your job, and your evenings dedicated to eating/going to the gym/sleeping, finding time to date can be nigh on impossible.

Also, how do you find the energy to date? I’m shattered half the time.

Really, our employers should be allowing us recreational time to fulfill that aspect of our lives; a happier personal life may lead to a happier professional life, right?

Well, two companies in  Zhejiang, China are doing just that, as they’re letting single female employees go out on dates by offering them an extra eight-day leave on top of their seven-day Lunar New Year break.


According to The South China Morning Post, Hangzhou Songcheng Performance and Hangzhou Songcheng Tourism Management said unmarried women above 30-years-old in “non-frontline” roles also have the option to extend the dating leave.

“The ratio of men to women in our company is about the same,” Hangzhou Songcheng Performance human resources manager Huang Lei said.

“[But] women employees mostly work in internal functional departments and some are show performers … some female staff have less contact with the outside world. Therefore, we hope to give more leave to female staff, to give them more time and opportunities to be in contact with the opposite sex.”

In China, unmarried women above 30 are commonly referred to as “leftover women” due to the conservative belief that they are less desirable to men.

But as more women focus on careers, many are marrying later or opting not to marry at all. According to data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, there were more than 200 million single adults in China in 2015 and the marriage rate has fallen every year since 2013.

Huang added that if women were happier in their personal lives, they would be more productive at work. Which is exactly what I said! See, I could be an ‘expert’.

He also said that the companies’ dating leave decision was greeted with enthusiasm by the employees.

Of course it was, it’s a great idea!

I wonder if they’ll ever do it in this country?

Probably not, bosses are notoriously mean.

Apart from mine obviously.

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