Halloween is on its merry way and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. People are tweeting about “getting spooky” and I actually got invited to some Halloween club night in Brixton the other day.

It’s totally expected of all of us to show our faces at some kind of venue for the night, but a lot of us have the constraints of pets.

“Oohh I can’t come out,” you may say “I’ve got no-one to look after the dog”. And as you know, many parties have a strict ‘no-costume-no-entry” policy, so you couldn’t just bring your dog along… although some people dress as dogs.

But that’s not a problem anymore, as pet Halloween costumes are now on the market. Here’s some of the best…

1. Ghostbusters


Buy this here for £16

2. Peacockin’


$32 for this here

3. Lovely yummy pizza cat


This one is £13 here

4. Paw-lice? Bad bad bad joke.


£8. Cheap cheap cheap right here.

5. Lil shark-dog.


£13 for this bad boy right here.

6. God this one is brilliant.


I love this – you can buy it here

7. Sushi cat. Of course.


You can have this one for $15 buy going here.

8. Dog Vader… or something


You can buy this here for £17!

9. There’s a dog… inside a dog


£25. Get yours here

10. Spider-dog. We can all get on the back of that.


£20 – get your hands on one here…

What more could you need?

Images via Amazon, Getty, Meowingtons