Objectively McDonalds is the best fast-food chain; I don’t want to hear anything about KFC or Burger King taking the crown.

But while I enjoy a greasy Big Mac as much as the next guy (maybe even more so), I really couldn’t have it all the time.

Like most mantras, ‘everything in moderation’ really is the perfect advice, because too much of one thing can never be good (apart from love-making, obviously).

However, one couple has ripped up the rule book by eating at McDonald’s every single day for the past 23 years.

That’s right, Tom and Pauline Jones, from Bath, have made popping into the Southgate McDonald’s part of their daily routine for the last quarter century and were the guests of honour last week as the fast food restaurant marked its 35th birthday in the city.

Tom, 83, told Bath Live: “We come in here seven-days-a week, every day.

Other than when we’ve been on holiday, we haven’t missed a day in 23 years.”

Pauline said:

We like coming back here every single day because of the friendliness.

“The staff are always so helpful – we even feel like part of the building – part of the furniture.

“We always feel as though they know who we are and they’re so kind. Mind you I always say ‘thank you’, and I think that goes a long way.

“It’s like a second home to us. We like it in the mornings when it isn’t so busy as it’s a bit hectic at dinner time.

“We are not pub people and we value the community we find at McDonald’s.”

The married pair have no hesitation in recommending McDonald’s to others, either, rubbishing claims that too much fast food can lead to people being overweight.

“I just want to say that all this nonsense about McDonald’s making you fat is rubbish,” he said. “Look at us.”

He’s got a point.

The couple’s daily routine involves walking into the centre of Bath which is about two miles every day.

They have a coffee at 8:30am before looking round the shops before returning once again at 10am.

Tom almost always goes for a Big Mac, while Pauline samples more of the menu’s variety – enjoying the Big Mac like her husband, but also chicken nuggets or a BBQ chicken wrap, depending on her mood.

Great choices.

McDonald’s franchisee Paul Pearson, who owns and operates the Southgate and Weston Lock Retail Park restaurants in Bath, says Tom and Pauline were the perfect symbols of the difference McDonald’s could make in a community.

This story just really reminds me of Super Size Me – the documentary about a filmmaker eating Maccies every day for a month.

*spoiler alert* he ends up dangerously ill, experiencing mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and fat accumulation in his liver.

I wouldn’t advise eating it every day but then again look at these two – happy as Larry.

Each to their own, I guess.

Images via Getty/Somerset Live/SWNS.com