My general malaise for Halloween, I think, stems from the fact that I’m a loser and never had friends/a girlfriend to actually do anything with.

(Actually, that’s a lie: I did once go to a Halloween party dressed as Mario and Luigi with my best friend Nathan, but we ended up getting into a fight in what looked like a scene from Super Smash Bros.)

From the outside looking in, though, it seems like Halloween these days is less about horror – vampires, witches, ghosts etc. – and more about hilarity and pop culture.

That does bring with it some positives though; couples are increasingly thinking outside the box to come up with some truly epic double costumes.

Have a look through these beauties…

Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro

Ahh, Instagram vs Reality


Lilo & Stitch (not Moana, apparently)

Beer and Pong aka Beer Pong

Pennywise and Georgie from It

The Colonel and a big ol’ bargain bucket

MJ & Bubbles the chimpanzee

A painter and his canvas, I guess.

A nod to Beauty and the Beast

This one is just outrageous

A human-sized Oreo

Jurassic World

Doc and Marty McFly from Back to the Future

Eleven and Jim Hopper (and Eggos) from Stranger Things

80s yearbook photos. As you do

Dr. Phil And Danielle ‘Cash Me Outside’ Bregoli

And the classic Breaking Bad duo

Kinda makes me want to dress up now.

Gonna have to dust off the old Luigi outfit I think.

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