A few years back when I was looking after my infant nephew and my slightly older niece, the niece was being as good as gold as she was slightly ill. I had to get on the phone to my sister – her mum – when she needed her medicine but my pesky toddler nephew wouldn’t stop opening and slamming the glass shower door in the main bathroom.

I was livid because he’d been giving me jib all day so I stormed into the bathroom, holding the phone to my ear in one hand and my niece in the other and – now I’m not sure if this makes sense – while screaming at him to get out as quietly as I could.

Essentially I just mouthed “get out!” really angrily and he immediately stopped, looked distraught, went into the hallway and lay down in the middle of the floor face-down. I felt really bad. He made it really hard for me to pick him up after that, so as soon as I sorted me niece out, I dragged him into the living room and introduced him to Pokémon.

Sometimes that’s the only way to deal with little ones; they start sulking and you have to drag them to where they need to go. I promise there’s nothing sinister in that.

One man who knows that better than most is the father who had to cope with his daughter’s mood at Dulles International Airport on New Year’s Day.


The witness who filmed the scene described it, saying:

I was waiting at Dulles International Airport to pick up my girlfriend on New Year’s Day when I noticed this father literally dragging his daughter through the airport by the hood of her jacket.

That’s life, isn’t it?

I’d be pretty okay with someone dragging me to and from work every day.

That said, I imagine her clothes were filthy.

Images via ViralHog, Getty