Prepare to have your heart melted, people.

Before we start, I’d just like to point out that I know how it feels to have something happen to your favourite toy.

I once had a little Clarke Kent/Superman action figure who kept his cape hidden inside a little backpack. Long story short: I lost that innocuous little backpack on a day out with my parents and my dad, being the hero that he is, drove all the way back to where we were, looked through the long grass and found it lying there.

I don’t thank him enough for that; dad, if you’re reading this, you da’ man.

My point in telling that story is that dads are legends, and this dad’s efforts to save his dog’s ‘dying’ pal is yet further proof of that.

It started when Terry found his pet dog Lucky’s favourite soft toy out in the open, on the brink of death.

He knew that Lucky and the bear were inseparable and in order to keep their friendship and the toy alive, he had to fix it.

“I have sad news… I found one of Lucky’s babies outside… He might have passed,” Terry wrote to his family and daughter Michaella Wallace in their family group chat.

After Michaella’s mother brought the bear back in, Terry performed CPR on the ‘dying’ stuffed boy and managed to find a pulse on it.

“I bring it in. I found a slight pulse. I’m doing CPR,” he said.

Then, to make sure that the toy ‘recovered’ completely, Terry set up a medical room for the bear and with a faux IV drip for it to take rest and regain its strength.


So precious.

Terry’s daughter Michaella shared the group chat screenshots and teddy’s recovery photographs on Twitter and needless to say, it went viral.

And people were pretty much in awe of dad’s heroics.

There aren’t many stories you get to write that are this wholesome, and this one gives me all the feels.

Shoutout to dads. And dogs.

You know what, shoutout to everyone, I’m in that kind of mood!

Images via Twitter