Dan Harmon has confirmed that he is writing a script for the long-awaited Community movie.

The Rick and Morty creator told Vulture’s Good Ones podcast that he’s finally putting pen to paper.

Harmon said: “I started writing to keep my parents from hitting me, and I now only write to feel valid. 

“But the upside of that is I am, at least once a week, thinking about it – the gears are turning. 

“There is, like… a thing is happening. Logistically, the locks are coming away. 

“And the only problems are becoming the creative ones, which is great because I love those problems. 

“I love having these conversations, and they’re being had.”

Speaking to Collider, he said: “You owe a movie that I think the fans can not only enjoy, but they can stand back and go, you know, the crazy thing about this Community movie is that if you didn’t know there was a show, this is an insanely good movie. 

“There’s a reason to watch it and then definitely watch the series because now you’re like, ‘Holy crap.’ 

“I don’t know if that’s arrogance, pretentiousness, responsibility, self-deprecation, torture. I can’t get myself out of that camp.”

For the uninitiated, Community is about a former lawyer who enrols at a community college after it is discovered he faked his Bachelor’s degree. 

In an attempt to chat up one of the students in his Spanish class, he forms a Spanish study group. 

To his surprise, more people attend and the group of misfits eventually become best friends.

The cult series has massively grown in popularity since Netflix got a hold of the series last year and the cast reunited during quarantine.

Alison Brie, who plays Annie, told fans she’d had an ‘interesting’ phone call about the movie last year.

In November 2019, the Community cast – apart from Donald Glover – appeared at LA’s Vulture Festival, where they pledged to do a movie if Dan Harmon wrote the script.

The pledge came after Harmon joked that if he wrote the script, half the cast would drop out. 

However, those present at the event seemed enthusiastic about reforming their study group.

In June 2019, Brie said she’d committed to making ‘six seasons and a movie’ – suggesting Netflix as the ideal platform.

She told Pop Culture: “Yeah, I think I would. I mean, look, it’s like, are we going to do the movie?

“I feel like if the Community movie ever gets made, it should just be made for Netflix, and it would be fun to do, but, I think it would be best if we could get everyone to do it, so I feel like that might be difficult.

“I love my Community family. We still talk all the time. I was just texting Joel McHale yesterday — we have our group — our group text is going constantly. 

“I love those guys. We’re a family. I would love. I’m always down for the idea of that.”

Are you looking forward to a Community movie? 

Image by Sony Pictures Television