To us Brits, halftime shows are typically American – and therefore sickeningly extravagant – spectacles celebrating The Star-Spangled Banner, the US military and BUD LIGHT.

While they’re a fairly novel and entertaining watch (at first), you’d simply never see them take off over here; that level of indulgence and self-promotion is the most decidedly un-British thing ever.

We’re dangerously embarrassed by that kind of thing and notorious for not wanting to make a fuss, so the concept of a halftime show is something we can’t quite get to grips with.

(Although having said that, they have started to introduce entertainment at the halftime of football games – which is usually just a load of kids taking a penalty in-front of the few people who haven’t bothered to get a pie and a pint.)

Nevertheless, halftime shows are big in America, and with this recent example it’s not hard to see why.

During halftime of a college football (not our football) game between Iowa State and West Virginia, Iowa State’s marching band took to the field to perform the classic theme song from Steven Spielberg’s mega-movie Jurassic Park.

They did it to honour the film’s 25th anniversary, and with such a momentous occasion they went above and beyond the call of duty; no, not dressing up as Jeff Goldblum’s character from the film – although that would have awesome – but donning inflatable T-Rex costumes.

These dancing dinos appear to have evolved differently, though, as the creatures in this footage seem to have developed two left feet.

The choreography is as confusing and all over the place as you’d expect, and it’s kind of… brilliant.

Check it out below:

While some of the individual performances are lacklustre, it did manage to capture the imagination of audiences.

Some even commented that this is the version of Jurassic Park we all deserve.

Here’s what people were saying:


Others couldn’t quite believe their eyes:

It isn’t the first time we’ve seen those tiny-armed blow up therapods descend on an American football game either.

The University of Michigan did a pretty similar thing last year.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’d prefer to see this version of Jurassic Park over the recent films that have been released.

I like Chris Pratt but he’s essentially just Peter Quill/Star Lord with more of an Indiana Jones look, whereas the whole narrative of ‘smaller dinosaur teams up with bigger dinosaur to take down even bigger dinosaur’ was just poorly thought out.

Also, stop making dinosaur theme parks – the risks well outweigh the rewards.

But, in the words of the great Jeff Goldblum, I guess life – or uninspiring Jurassic Park films – always finds a way…

Images via Getty/Twitter