A second look at the second season of The Punisher has been released by Netflix, including a release date and it’s fair to say that it’s going to be a pretty dark one.

We left Castle as he finally got commended for his unconventional ways of upholding justice, as he made his way back into the support group for veterans.

After his constant battles with the torment of losing his family to, essentially, a government conspiracy, it looked like his life was finally going to start looking up.

This trailer, however, makes it pretty apparent that the brief period of bliss was just that; brief. It was the calm in the midst of the storm, as Billy Russo is back and his decline in to utter mania continues.

Not only that, but he’s back under the alter-ego Jigsaw – the horribly disfigured assassin who’s come at odds with the likes of Spider-Man and Punisher in the past.

Have a look at the trailer…

Now, a few fans are disappointed with the look of Jigsaw now as, rather than being horrifically disfigured, he just has a few deep-ish scars.

With that said, he does have a cool mask that does the job pretty well, and works a nice workaround by the writers – who were probably told that Jigsaw couldn’t look to unappealing by studio executives.

Punisher season two will be available to stream on Netflix come the 18th of January.

Punisher will presumably be cancelled by Netflix came the 20th of January.

Images via Netflix