Some people are blessed with great banter, and Dec Donnelly happens to be one of them.

The Geordie presenter might be missing his…other Geordie presenter at the moment, but Holly Willoughby is doing a stand-up job as a replacement.

Yep, the banter is a flowin’ in the jungle.

We’re all accustomed to Dec throwing plenty of jokes our way during the show, but the other night he made a secretly filthy joke about co-host Holly Willoughby that hardly anyone understood.

It was during the pair’s hilarious Deal or No Deal gag, which involved one of the famous big red boxes in honour of presenter Noel Edmonds.

Presenting box number 11, Dec asked:

“But Holly exactly how many bugs in total would be used in this trial? Well the answer is inside of this – Holly’s final box of the game.

“Now we all want this to be a high number Holly, we’re rooting for you aren’t we everybody.”

Hinting that he was up to no good, smiling Dec added: “That means something different in Australia.”

But what could it be?

Well, there weren’t many laughs in the studio – although Holly seemed to understand as she gave Dec a side glance – but thankfully some viewers took to Twitter to share the ‘hidden’ meaning behind the joke.

They said:

“For those of you who don’t know. A root is a sh*g in Australia..,” added another.

A third said: “LOOOOOL! Rooting means sh*gging in Australia”

After the joke, Holly opened the big red box, which contained the number 130,000.

Dec said: “Congratulations Holly that’s a life changing amount. Here’s the trial with those 130,0000 bugs.”

Those two, ey.

Images via ITV