The same week of the tragic Thousand Oaks shooting that killed 12 people, the NRA thoughtlessly tweeted:

Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane

It was a dangerously short-sighted comment to make; one born out of anger, ignorance and fear. It came after medical professionals, who have tirelessly been working around the clock to save the lives of shooting victims, criticised the National Rifle Association for their blind refusal to have gun control in the United States.

There was then a to and fro between doctors and pro-gun lobbyists, with both parties refusing to back down but ultimately, the doctors coming out on top since they had first-hand experience in saving lives and, failing that, having to tell parents that their children had passed away.

As if things hadn’t gone far enough, the ever illuminating Ann Coulter decided to respond to that tweet, saying:

A fairly banal point though since there are plus-sides to gummy bears and the like, i.e. people can eat them for pleasure. Guns are made for hurting/killing people and things, after all.

With that in mind, another doctor decided to respond to Coulter, rather succinctly…


You can’t write stuff like that.

You can. She did.

I think that more or less check mates Ann Coulter, wouldn’t you say?

How wonderful from Dr London.

Images via Twitter