The ‘Transformers’ films aren’t really my cup of tea.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely potential there, it’s just Michael Bay seems to plump for all-out destruction every time to the detriment of an actual story.

Nevertheless, despite critics being less than impressed with the series, they always go down a storm at the box office and hardcore fans enjoy them.

However, it seems there’s finally a film both critics and fans can get on board with, as Bumblebee – which is going back to its roots to the 1980s  is being met with overwhelmingly positive reviews, with many commenting that it’s the best Transformers film ever.

I know that’s not necessarily difficult, but still.

The spin-off currently has a 96% ‘fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is on course to becoming the series’ first ‘certified fresh’ entry.

“Bumblebee proves it’s possible to bring fun and a sense of wonder back to a bloated blockbuster franchise — and sets up its own slate of sequels in the bargain,” the critics’ consensus reads.

Variety say it is “basically the movie that fans of the 1980s animate series wanted all along”.

“Imagine, if you can, a Transformers movie in which the plot is coherent, the robots feel like characters (as opposed to gleaming CG creations), and the action is staged and edited clearly enough to follow,” he writes.

After five rock ’em, sock ’em blockbuster features, it has become clear that audiences would never get such a film as long as Michael Bay occupied the director’s chair, and though he should certainly be credited for proving that a Hasbro toy line could support a massive global franchise, “Bumblebee” is basically the movie that fans of the 1980s animated series wanted all along.”

Los Angeles Times critic Justin Chang wrote, “Bumblebee, for its part, has just enough wit, playfulness and charm to develop a voice of its own, which is no small thing in the context of a flashy, lunkheaded studio franchise.”

The Wrap’s William Bibbiani agreed.

“As a course correction for the series, pulling the previously complex mythology way back and starting over from scratch, it’s enormously effective,” he wrote.

Indiewire writes: “Fans of the classic ‘Transformers’ will be thrilled by many of the touches here.

But there is also now an entire generation of kids who are going to get to watch a girl drive, with a smile on her face.”

Empire gave the film four out of five stars, saying:

“An impassioned ode to both the toys and their era, this, at last, is the Transformers movie we’ve been waiting for.”

If you haven’t already, you can see what all the fuss is about in the official trailer below:

Bumblebee hits cinemas on 26th December, 2018.

If you’re a fan of Transformers, this one’s a must.

Images via Paramount