Flirting is my lifeblood.

I genuinely believe that I’d be horrible in a relationship because I genuinely struggle not to flirt at any given moment. I’ll flirt with anyone – I’m very inclusive in that regard – so long as their not related to me or, you know, a child.

It’s hard not to. I’m not even particularly good at it. It’s probably down to me being likened to Hugh Grant my whole adult life that I’ve decided to embrace it. Now I can’t switch off.

With that said, I’ve never flirted with a planet. Elon Musk has me beat there.

After a lady posted on the Twittersphere that she was fed up with men and stating that she’d sooner live on Mars (being that no men are there), Mars Twitter account responded, telling her that it was only interested in Elon Musk.

Naturally, he responded, and a whole conversation of fairly crass flirting ensued…

Hard to believe that he’s one of the world’s richest people.

Easy to believe that he manufactured and sold flamethrowers on a whim.

Images via Getty, Twitter