Spending a penny on company time is one of life’s pleasures for many employees.

However, one firm says an employee is taking the pee when it comes to the amount of toilet time they’re taking.

The employer posted on Reddit, asking for advice on what to do.

They shared their issue with the  small business subreddit, explaining the situation.


The original poster (OP) said: “We have an employee who is VERY good at his job, but as soon as he gets to work he goes to the toilet and spends about 20 minutes there.

“By the time he’s back at his desk and whatnot it’s 9:30. Half an hour until he starts.

“Then he goes again anywhere between 2-3 more times during the day. Each for about 20 minutes.

“The FINAL toilet break is half an hour before he finishes and he basically spends the whole time there.

“Each week he’s working for 4 days and on the toilet for 1. We’re seriously paying him an extra day to sit and s*** and read his phone.”

One positive side is the company stressed that they don’t want to fire the member of staff.

They insist he’s a ‘good guy’ and there are no issues with the quality of his work, just the amount of time he’s spending on the loo.

It might not be that simple a solution though, as they’re based in Australia.

The company says the country has ‘strong labour laws’ which mean it would be ‘almost impossible to fire him even if we wanted to’.


Many people suggested the employee might have a medical condition that is increasing their toilet time.

Others pointed out that smokers probably clock up just as much time taking cigarette breaks, too.

One commenter said: “Is he salaried? What do you care if he gets his work done. Entirely possible it’s an embarrassing health issue, as well.”

Someone else asked: “A LOT of business owners and managers have a bad problem with focusing on trivial s*** just to feel like they ‘run a tight ship’ when in reality it just builds resentment by making the employees feel like they aren’t trusted or respected for their work.”

Meanwhile this person suggested: “Either give your employee more work, be satisfied with the work he is completing. Or manage the non-bathroom parts. Create deadlines for projects, check-ins, make them a path.

“I get stressed just thinking about someone counting my bathroom breaks.”

This user agreed: “Manage his efficiency and accomplishments, do not manage his time. Amplify and push the goals instead of the hours.

“Everybody works at different rhythms and beats and if you respect that employees will flourish.

“If he is not efficient then he is not the right employee for you. If his time is more important than his accomplishments then you are not the right employer for him.”

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