Listen to your parent.

Stonewall, a leading LGBTQI+ charity, has allegedly told organisations that if they want to be registered on its righteous Workplace Equality Index then they will need to stop using gendered language.

The charity has told employers that they should be saying things like “parent who has given birth” instead of “mother who has given birth”, it has been claimed.

The Telegraph reported that Stonewall has also suggested that employers should allow those who self-identify as women to use female bathrooms, and that gender pronouns should be added to email signatures.

The Ministry of Justice, which sits at the number five spot on the index, said their HR policies have been amended, removing all gendered language.

The Home Office, MI6, Department for International Trade, Government Legal Department, British Army and the House of Commons are all in the top 100.

Stonewall allegedly require that organisations remove the terms “mother” and “father” from all their policies.

Merseyside Police were advised that a more inclusive term such as “pregnant employee” would be appropriate.

The Welsh Government, who sit at number nine, removed the word “mother” from its maternity policy back in 2019, but the word “father” still makes one appearance.

The Met Police have not even made it onto the ethical index and are said to have taken note that they should use Stonehouse to review all its HR policies.

Edinburgh University has been told to use the term “parent who has given birth”.
There has been a reported 500 application to the Stonewall index in the last year.
Dr Nicola Williams, director of Fair Play For Women, said that Stonewall are basically a “government department in its own right, the Government is almost outsourcing its views on equality”.

A spokesperson for Stonewall said: “All employers need to ensure that their staff, including LGBTQ+ staff, are free from discrimination and prejudice at work, and our Diversity Champions programme is one way for organisations to be supported to meet this requirement.

“We are pleased to say that our Diversity Champions programme is continuing to grow and take on new members, and we are very proud of the work we’re doing with more than 850 organisations to help create inclusive working environments for their lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer staff.”

The Equalities Minister Liz Truss recently asked the government to abandon their work with Stonehouse to create an inclusive work environment after their chief executive Nancy Kelley likened “gender critical” beliefs to anti-Semitism.

The Times reported that Ms Truss couldn’t wrap her head around the need for a scheme, as many companies already have their own diversity strategies.

Are we doing enough?

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