One of the many perks about living in London – aside from the extortionate rent prices, pollution, stabbings and general overcrowding – are the transport links to mainland Europe and beyond.

We’ve always prided ourselves on being an island but when you think about it, we are technically tied to the rest of Europe thanks to a 50 km tunnel linking London to Calais.

Not that I’m complaining; I’ve just booked a trip to Paris in December where I’ll be using it, and quite frankly I’m terrified about going under there.

What’s compounded my terror, though, is that if I’d have waited a few weeks I could have got it a lot cheaper, because they’re launching bargain tickets to some of Europe’s top destinations.

That’s right, Eurostar have now launched a huge sale which will see tickets to the continent drop to as low as £29.

That includes the likes of Paris (see you there) Brussels and that sweet, sweet utopia, Amsterdam, meaning your perfect lil’ Christmas getaway is sorted.

The dangerously affordable tickets include journeys from London to Paris or Belgium for just £29 each way, or from London to Amsterdam for just £35 each way, meaning more money for the Red Light… museums.

You best move quick, though; although the train line has 60,000 seats to Paris and Brussels and an extra 3,000 seats to Amsterdam, they’re expected to sell out like hot cups of cocoa on a icy winter’s night.

Oh, and get this; as a little thank you, Eurostar are offering two-for-one entry to a host of different museums and galleries in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. 

You’d be mad to miss out!

In case you were wondering, they will be on sale from now, until 20th November and include all travel from 8th January until 3rd April, 2019.

What a deal, ey.

The Eurostar website says:

“The chilly weather might be on its way but we’ve got the perfect plan to lift your spirits.

“With our winter seat release, you can say au revoir to the winter woes and salut to new adventures on a well-deserved trip to the Continent.”

I literally couldn’t have said it better myself.

What are you waiting for, peeps? Get booking.
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