I’ve never had a proper girlfriend, but in films, when the couple breaks up, it always looks like a really messy affair.

Aside from all the emotion and feelings involved, there’s also logistical issues too: moving all your stuff out of their place, taking back your favorite jumper, the dog etc.

It’s a good excuse for someone like me to use when anyone asks why I’m single – ‘too much faff when it’s over.’

But in 2018, perhaps the biggest headache that arises from a split is who gets the Netflix account.

You’ve spent countless nights binging on the streaming service’s biggest and best shows, but now your relationship is over, there’s some feelings of resentment, and you’re looking to get back at them.

Do you be mature and civil about it?

No, you hit them right where it hurts – said Netflix account.

One Twitter user, @heyqueenregina, took pettiness to the next level to get back at her ex – and it’s brilliantly calculated.

Oh that is pure evil.

Imagine her exes face on the series finale when she can’t watch it.


And as you’d expect, people are in awe at @heyqueenregina’s pettiness.


This suggestion was particularly evil:

And she even got endorsed by Netflix themselves:

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

Images via Twitter/Netflix