All things considered, Holly Willoughby is doing a bang up job of co-presenting I’m A Celeb.

Sure we’ve missed Ant and Dec’s legendary bants, but under the circumstances you’d have to say Holly is doing as well a job as could be expected.

Having said that, she might just have gone and broken one “golden rule.”

It was during the Catch A Falling Star trial, where Noel Edmonds and Nick Knowles were suspended in boxes 20 metres above a lake and joined by 30,000 cockroaches, 30,000 mealworms and 25,000 crickets.

They did fairly well in the trial, as Edmonds had to put his hands into holes to retrieve stars which he then dropped to Knowles in the cage below. They ended up with five out of 11 for camp, and hey, it was a valiant effort.

But it was after the trial when Holly kissed the two campmates that left Dec (and viewers) a little shocked.

“Are you canoodling with the campmates?” Dec asked the This Morning host.

“I don’t think that’s allowed.”

She giggled and said: “I think I did,” before adding she thought a handshake but would be “a bit official.”

Dec gave the co-presenter a joke warning, saying: “Keep your distance Holly Willoughby, keep your distance!”

Holly then joked about having “broken a golden rule” to which Dec replied: “You have!”

I suppose it’s forgivable really, Holls is just too nice.

Plus, I think we can cut her a little slack here; we’ve all been in new jobs before and not quite known what protocol is.

Also, it’s funny.

Here’s what fans had to say:

One person said: “Dec was jealous then when holly kissed Noel and nick #ImACeleb.”

Another commented: “#imaceleb Dec havin’ his arm round Holly n then she kisses Noel and he gets jealous I love it.”

This comes after fans were outraged over Anne Hegerty’s recent live trial.

The Chase star was tasked with drinking – among other things – a glass of liquidised fish eyes, and not everyone is convinced that’s what she actually had.

You can follow that story here.

Images via ITV