While Malique wasn’t the most memorable camp-mate ever, he’s been a fine addition to this year’s I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of Here! season and now he’s gone, I’m sort of going to miss him.

Of course, we still have the fun people there, and I’m now convinced that Harry Redknapp is the next King of the Jungle in waiting, but Malique simply seemed like a friendly guy.

That said, he may not be one for rules since prior to this, it looked pretty certain that he managed to find a way to have cigarettes in the camp and now there’s more.

Before his eviction, viewers are pretty convinced that they saw the Hollyoaks star sneak a peak at a mobile phone that he was keeping in his pocket.

It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but it is pretty weird, to say the least.

I mean, it looks pretty damning.

Viewers were pretty confused. Obviously the camp mates aren’t allowed phones, but we thought they weren’t allowed cigarettes either.

Some people are saying that the object is something else, but you don’t have many possessions in the jungle, least of all ones phone-shaped that you keep in your pocket…

I mean, it really does look like a phone, but how would he have hidden it on 24/7 cameras for this long.

That is unless the producers actually do know and all of the camp mates get phones, Malique was just stupid enough not to use his in a designated hidden area or something?

Some people are dismissing the object as a cigarette packet, but it looks far too slender for that.

With this, the accusation that Anne drank Coke in her trial, and the fact that celebs seem to have regular access to cigarettes, maybe life in the jungle is more cushty than we had been left to believe…

Images via ITV