People bleeding from their ears and noses – and oftentimes their eyes – is the hallmark of any fictional disease in a film or TV show. It’s how you know it’s a serious illness to be reckoned with and someone’s definitely going into a quarantine.

So if you were on a plane of 166 people, and then around 20% of the passengers started bleeding from the ears and noses, and then you did too, that would be utterly terrifying. You’re in a sealed off can twelve kilometres above sea level and people have got the disease that killed humans off in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Luckily that only half happened, when people on their flight started bleeding from their faces, but not because of simian flu. Somewhat more boringly, it was because the cabin crew forgot to set that cabin air pressure before takeoff.

As reports have it, out of the 166 people on the flight from Mumbai to Jaipur, 30 started bleeding from their ears and noses, whilst many, many more complained of migraines. Scary that that can actually happen.

Shortly after takeoff, the crew dropped the dreaded oxygen masks down as the plane turned back to Mumbai to sort the issue out. Luckily the landing went without a hitch, and the unfortunate ones who were affected were sent off to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

India Today TV reported that the mishap occurred when the Jet Airways crew forgot to activate the unfortunately named ‘bleed switch’, which led to the cabin pressure dropping dramatically.

People are pretty chill, all things considered, to be fair to them.

Dr Rajendra Patankar, the hospital’s chief operating officer, said:

They are under observation… Some are suffering from mild conductive deafness, which might continue till a week. We have advised them not to fly again till they recover.”


Meanwhile, passengers were rightfully p*ssed off, with one writing on social media:

The plane had to make an emergency landing. The cabin crew was unprofessional while ground staff were inept. No reps or guides.

Hey maybe they’ll be treated “free” companion flight that they’ll still have to pay tax for and a complimentary thimble of orange juice?

The crew involved on the flight have been suspended whilst the airline investigates the incident.

Images via India Today TV, Getty