I’ve had the misfortune of ending up in hospital in a foreign country and let me tell you, it’s not a nice experience.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than not going to a hospital, and infinitely better than ending up in a foreign prison, but still, it ain’t that pleasant.

It’s mostly the fear of being in an unknown environment surrounded by people who don’t speak your language and can’t actually gauge what’s up with you.

Fortunately my injury was pretty obvious as a I had a piece of glass sticking out of my foot, and as it goes the Thai nurses and doctor that saw to me were very helpful.

Nevertheless, language mix-ups are a real thing, as one international student found out when he was hospitalised in China.

Apparently, the nurse couldn’t properly communicate with the patient and get that all important medical information over to him, so she thought outside the box and wrote him a hilariously detailed note with some decidedly questionable drawings.

Reddit user WaspDog uploaded the note and internet users went wild.

Check it out:


No food or water after 10pm, you’re getting knifed at 8am in the morning.

To be fair, the nurses handwriting is far superior to mine and the sketches are pretty well illustrated.

Naturally, people started coming up with their own hilarious interpretations:

I assume the patient in question lived and was given the proper medical treatment he needed.

Although I can’t actually be 100% sure.

Should I inform the authorities? This note might be needed for evidence…

Images via Reddit/Getty