As if we didn’t know it already!

Yep, in news that will hardly surprise any devout Friends fan, the iconic 90s show has been voted as the most popular programme for five to 16-year-olds in the UK, according to a Childwise report.

The majority of 2,000 youngsters surveyed by Childwise voted the show as a favourite, which was in large part due to “the focus on friendships and relationships” which is relatable to teens.

Almost 40% of the age group are using the internet when they are outside, as well as when they are at home, according to the report. Childwise says this connectivity is making them feel alone and isolated as a result, making the show which focuses on friendships appealing.

The researcher also thinks the shows resurgence is due to its presence on Netflix.

Childwise research director Simon Leggett said:

“They can watch it virtually whenever and wherever they like, from beginning to end in order and with ease, in a way that they couldn’t before it was on Netflix (when it was previously only on Comedy Central) unless they broke out their parents’ old DVD boxsets.

“(They) seemingly almost never worry about ‘adult’ things like rent, bills, and jobs (and when they do, it’s rarely in a serious way and they have each other for support).”

I suppose that’s why Netflix shelled out $100m to keep the title on its platform at the end of 2018…

Images via Netflix/NBC