So I went to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald the other day when I should have been at work and it’s fair to say that I really enjoyed.

That is until the film ended and I started my walk home. Then, as I began to dissect the plot, absolutely nothing seemed right.

How did Dumbledore and Grindelwald have their first battle – which killed Albus’s sister – if they were subject to a blood-bond?

If Professor Minerva McGonagall was born in 1935, how is she a Hogwarts teacher in her twenties/thirties in 1927? Why is Dumbledore teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts and not Transfiguration?

There’s so many more things that aren’t right, but sadly this article would be too long if I included all of them.

Instead, have a look at some funny tweets about the film…

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish it were the twenties now so we would all dress like that.

Images via Warner Bros., Twitter