Winter’s coming.

And while that is technically true and all with it being November, what I really mean is that the eagerly anticipated final season of Game Of Thrones is creeping ever closer.

Until recently, all us desperate fans had to go off was scraps given to us by the likes of Maisie Williams and Peter Dinklage, but HBO have decided to put us out of our misery by announcing that season 8 of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy epic will drop in… April, 2019.

It’s hardly surprising given that just about everyone in the world expected it to drop then – and every season before it has aired in the same month – but still, it’s nice to have a little clarity on the situation.

They announced the news via their Twitter with throwback footage from the previous seasons.

They captioned the montage with:

“Every battle. Every betrayal. Every risk. Every Fight. Every Sacrifice. Every Death. All #ForTheThrone”

Check it out below:

If that hasn’t got you excited I genuinely don’t know what will.

I mean it’s slightly annoying that it isn’t actual footage of the new season – but then again these are expert marketers we’re dealing with here.

Nevermind, considering how little GoT news we’ve had recently this will have to do.

The official Game Of Thrones handle also tweeted a series of images:

They sure know how to drum up excitement don’t they?

Details on the final season remain fairly sparse and these images don’t exactly provide us with much to go off.

In all honesty it kind of seems like they’re just reminding people to catch up before the final season airs.

People were understandably hyped with the news:

Anyway, Season 8 will *officially* be with you in April, 2019 – get it in your diaries.

I’ll be there, you’ll be there, hell, the whole WORLD will be watching.

I can’t wait.

Images via Twitter/HBO