This story reminded me of my own pregnancy story (not mine or my girlfriend’s, but my own, ACTUAL birth) when, on holiday in Paris, my mum wrote a rather lovely letter to my dad revealing I was on the way.

Knowing my dad, I like to think he spat a mouthful of escargot all over the place, but in reality I think it was a bit more romantic.

However, it seems like romance might actually be dead these days, as cleaners at a nightclub in Nottingham have found a rather explicit letter from a woman to her partner, announcing that she’s pregnant.

The letter was found during the wee hours of New Year’s Day among piles of debris on the dancefloor in Pryzm, Nottingham. The front of the envelope read ‘Josh x (open at midnight)’.

As you’d imagine, staff couldn’t resist seeing what’s inside.

They posted a snap of their findings on their Facebook page, writing: “Our cleaners have just finished cleaning after NYE and have found this sealed envelope. We’ve just opened it and now we need to know, does Josh know?!”

The ‘beautiful’ poem reads:


“‘Special’ is what I’ll call the last few years,

“I’ll be collecting you later after you’ve had a few beers.

“There’s a reason I couldn’t come with you tonight,

“I’ve asked for this letter to be given to you at midnight.

“I hope when you read this you’ll be filled with joy – the question is, girl or boy?

“Happy New Year, I hope you’ve had fun,

“Maybe next time baby, stick it in my bum.

“Love, Sarah XXX”

Imagine finding out like this!

Sorry, Josh, wherever you are.

The post has since been shared more than 13,000 times, with thousands commenting to express their amazement at the letter.

One Facebook user said: “Josh has resealed that envelope and ran away #prayforjosh”

Another said: “Plot twist: Josh never received the letter and hooked up with another bird and hasn’t been home since #justiceforsarah

A third commented: “OMG. So cuteeeee… congratulations Josh and Sarah.”

Another added: “Am I the only one rooting for Josh?! This is sooo cute although somewhat bittersweet.”

It’s unclear whether the letter has reached Josh at the moment, but with articles like this you’d imagine it won’t be long until it does.

Josh, if you’re reading this, you’ve got some serious sh*t to sort out.

Images via Facebook/Triangle News