I’m a bit stumped this Valentine’s Day because it’s the first year in my life where I’ve got an actual, human girlfriend for the big day.

The pressure to pull something big out of the bag is absolutely crippling, and that’s nothing to do with her, it’s because of social media.

How am I supposed to compete with the guy that books a fancy suite of a five-star hotel and covers the bed with roses?

Give the rest of us a chance!

If only there was an equally big gesture to say ‘I love you’ but at a fraction of the price….

Enter: Aunt Bessie.

That’s right, that old heroine has stepped up to the plate (oven) big time this year, bringing heart-shaped Yorkshire puddings to the masses.

Cupid who?

Yep, these bad boys are essential to any candle-lit dinner and the perfect addition to any romantic night.

These puds are described as the perfect easy-to-prepare side dish and you’ll be glad to know that Aunt Bessie has stuck to her tried and tested recipe – the same recipe used since 1995.

The hearts come in packs of six and are priced at £1.50 and can be found in ASDA and Morrisons.

Hannah Haas, Head of Marketing, said:

“Our new heart-shaped Yorkshire puddings are a first for Aunt Bessie’s and have been created for customers looking to add a special touch to mealtimes.

“Whether it be a traditional Sunday roast or a quick mid-week meal our heart-shaped Yorkshires will be sure to impress whatever the occasion.”

This comes after Wetherspoons released their new Valentine’s Day menu and Poundland started selling quid engagement rings.

Whoever said you couldn’t do Valentine’s Day on the cheap?

Images via Getty/Aunt Bessie