Gordon Ramsay has never been known as a cuddly teddy-bear of kindness, but new footage has shocked even his fans.

The sweary chef is known for his fiery temper and colourful language.

Some archive footage has surfaced, that shows Ramsay sending a contestant home on the US version of Masterchef.

The sheer brutality of it has sent the video viral.

In the TikTok video, Gordon appears on Masterchef as a judge alongside Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich.


A woman waits for his vote to make it through to the show.

Gordon politely asks the woman how many people she has with her at the audition for support.

She answers and he asks her to bring them out to meet him, clearly expecting good news.

The contestant promptly runs backstage and brings her 11 supporters out with her. They’re all cheering and holding banners, thinking their loved one has made it through to the next stage.

Instead, in front of everyone who came with her, Gordon bluntly says “it’s a no.”

He ignores the pleading of the group and sends her away. The camera pans back to Gordon, who is sitting there with a huge smile on his face.


Meanwhile Mo, who posted the video said: “He did this poor little girl so dirty,”

“He really made her go to the back, call out all her family members, and made it seem like she was gonna pass.

“They came in all cheering and s*** just to get shut down – and just look at the smile on his face.”

It seems people can’t get enough of the video either. It’s since had more than 4 million views, and more than a million likes.

One person wrote: “he woke up and chose violence”.

Someone else added: “Gordon has no chill.”

This user gave him a new nickname: “Gordon ‘Menace’ Ramsay.”

But someone else pointed out: “Bro what did you expect? It’s just him”

See here.


Others took pity on the woman: “No way you can be this happy over failing someone.”

And someone else put: “I would drop off the face of the earth if this happened to me.”

Is anyone really surprised when this is the man who put a contestant between two slices of bread and called them an “idiot sandwich”?

However, it’s not the first time that Gordon’s comments have got him in trouble either.

He caused a flood of complaints when he appeared on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, when he criticised a contestant’s teeth.

The chef was taking part in a game called ‘Read My Lips’.

During the game, he has to watch the contestants over Zoom mouthing a word while their microphone was muted.

While trying to win for a lady called Lorna, Gordon said: “I can’t… It’s the gap in the teeth, I can’t understand what she’s saying.”

The show received more than 100 complaints.

So are you surprised?

Image Via Alamy.