For me, Greggs is a bit like porn.

I know it’s not good for me and I’ll try to abstain for as long as possible but eventually – and inevitably – I’ll  succumb and absolutely binge on it.

I won’t divulge my porn habits, but when it comes to Greggs a ‘binge’ usually involves two sausage rolls, a steak bake, a cheese and onion bake and a vanilla slice.

Sure, there’s a disgusting amount of leftovers around me when I’ve finished and a deep sense of regret, but again, I don’t really want to get too into my masturbatory habits so let’s get on with this article.

Now, Greggs may have its faults: the food’s always cold, the people take too long behind the till/they’re always p*ssed off, but one thing you cannot fault is their marketing skillz.

‘What marketing skills, I’ve literally never seen a Greggs advert’.

Shut up – I’m talking about these skills, which for all intents and purposes is an absolute stroke of genius:

Those crafty, crafty buggers have only gone and reversed their logo so that anyone staring in the Fenwicks Christmas display window across the road gets hit with a not-so-subliminal ‘Greggs’ sign and thus develops an unquenchable thirst for meat, gravy and pastry.

Apparently, the huge crowds that had gathered on Northumberland Street in Newcastle suddenly descended on “SGGERG” like hungry, hungry zombies with a smell of fresh brains in the air.

#marketing completed.

Oh, and it works for selfies too, because nothing’s guaranteed to land you those all-important Instagram likes like a pic outside the home of the world famous steak bake purveyors.

Plenty of people on the Newcastle Chronicle’s Facebook page were loving the story.

Alistair Speight said: “Who ever thought that one up needs a raise in their dough!”

Another wrote: “Greggs marketing department on for a cracking Christmas bonus. Thinking outside the box! Very clever.

You ain’t wrong, guys!

I have to say this has marketing ploy has most certainly worked on me.

Until today I had gone 48 consecutive days without a Greggs.

I’m definitely going to relapse at lunch.

Images via Twitter/Getty/Greggs