In my life, I want to say I’ve had two bad dates. One of them was objectively my fault; I’d had a bad day and more than anything, I just wanted company whilst I drank – that didn’t go down too well. No-one wants to hang out with a drunk guy on a date. I genuinely don’t know what I was thinking – no wonder I just got a pity hug at the end of it.

The other one, I’m not sure; I suppose we just weren’t compatible… and also her pictures were very flattering.

With all of that said though, I want to say that I’ve never actually upset/offended anyone on a date. I usually try to be my best self and even when I was just getting drunk, my chat was pretty innocuous.

As for a man named Othello on First Dates however, things weren’t so smooth.

As he he sat down to enjoy his date with 26-year-old Juliette in the First Dates Hotel in Italy, he decided to absolutely go rogue with his chat, and have a little word about her weight.

It has to be said that he didn’t mean it in a nasty way, but he really got himself a gold medal in digging himself into a very deep hole by not shutting his mouth.

As the two discussed hair loss, Juliette said that she’s not usually one for bald guys. Othello then said that he doesn’t put on weight, with Juliette saying that she was the same until recently.

To which Othello said:

Juliette admitted she was the same until about six months ago.

What, did your metabolism just go ‘See ya later’?

I’m not a fan of skinny girls, I like girls with… well I don’t want to say meat like you’re fat – you are not.

Most men don’t like that skinny look, you know… Look, I think you look good. Let me rephrase that, I think you look amazing.

My blood hurts, I’m cringing so much.

He’s terrible at showing off.

But hey, look, it somehow worked for Othello and he got a second date.

Man spits game. Next time I go on a date I’m going to open it by outright calling the girl fat. It’s bold and it could just work.

We’ll see…

Images via Channel 4